A oxurrido un error en whatsapp cerrar eta aplicacion ahoara

My whatsapp stopped, what do I do?

Next, we must check if the device time is correct. Many applications fail when the mobile is not configured. To do this we must go to Settings > Date and time > and activate the automatic time provided by the network. After changing the time, close all applications and check again if the failure persists.

If finally these details do not work, a remedy to always try is to reboot the device. Turn off the mobile and turn it back on to make sure to kill any processes that may be hindering the download. If the error persists, it may be one of the following problems.

The ideal here is to delete those games that we no longer use, delete the data of the least used applications or try to download less heavy alternatives that often surprise how well they work.

We recommend first clearing the cache and then restarting the device. If it doesn’t work then also clear the cache and data again, then reboot and check if the error persists.

I had whatsapp plus and now I can’t install whatsapp

This problem in most cases is solved by repeating the download process after canceling it, although in other circumstances we must take measures that go further, such as enabling the download and operation of the store in the background or cancel the updates in process.

One of the most common reasons for receiving this warning is that our WiFi connection has failed or temporarily has not been able to offer the necessary speed, this will be solved only by re-downloading the app or in case it is repeated, we can download it from our data rate, although this means sacrificing a part of it.

If despite this does not work, it is best to restart the device to see if after this and having tried all the tips we have given you, the problem ends up being solved to download the applications we want.

Whatsapp plus stopped

A DDE error has occurred, and a description of the error cannot be displayed because it is too long. If the file name or path is too long, try renaming the file or copying it to another folder.

This problem occurs due to a character limit for creating and saving files in Office products. This problem occurs if the path of the file you open or save meets the following condition:

This limit includes the three characters representing the drive, characters in folder names, backslash characters between folder names, and characters in the file name itself.

For example, in Word, you want to view a PDF file attached to an e-mail message. However, you do not have a PDF viewer installed. Therefore, the device does not know which program to open to view the file. In this case, you can change the file format to match a program that you do have.

I can’t install whatsapp on my cell phone

If error 10 appears, the iOS device may have a newer version of iOS than what your computer is compatible with. You will need to update the software on the Mac or iTunes on Windows before you can update or restore the iOS device.

If you see error 4037, it means that the computer cannot update your device because it is passcode protected and was not unlocked for update or restore. Unlock your device and try again. Learn what to do if you forgot the code.

If you see error 1015 or a message stating that the required resource cannot be found, your device may have been jailbroken. Or, you may be trying to install an older version of iOS.

A oxurrido un error en whatsapp cerrar eta aplicacion ahoara
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