Cómo conectar whatsapp in windows 10

Whatsapp web

We are going to explain what it is and how to use WhatsApp Desktop, the desktop version to be able to use the messaging app without relying on the browser. It’s essentially the same as WhatsApp Web but packaged in a standalone application, although some users may find this a bit confusing.

The idea is that if you don’t want to overload the browser or need to have it open to use WhatsApp, you have another alternative that works like a native app. In addition to explaining what it looks like, we’ll also tell you the process to link it to your activated WhatsApp account on your mobile and start using it.

WhatsApp Desktop is the same as WhatsApp Web, it has the same appearance and the same functions, and the way it works is practically identical. The difference is that while the web version needs a browser to work, WhatsApp Desktop works as a standalone application. Thus, we can consider it as a web application.

One of the few differences is that in both cases WhatsApp will send notifications, but in the desktop version they will be done independently in the notification center, while in WhatsApp Web they will arrive via browser notifications. This means that if you have blocked Edge or Chrome notifications in general, that could have an impact.

How to open whatsapp on computer without scanning the code.

To use the camera with apps in Windows 11, you will need to enable some permissions in the camera settings. Then, you will need to check the app permissions if you want to use the camera with apps. Here’s how to do it:

If you use Windows Hello to sign in, the computer will sign in even if the camera access settings are disabled. If Windows Hello is turned off, your computer will not have access to the camera.

Some applications take photos or videos with the Camera application. This means that the app will not appear in the list and its access to the camera is determined by the Camera app’s camera access settings. The Camera application will not capture or send images to the application that opened it unless you explicitly select the capture button in the Camera application.

Desktop applications may not appear in the list of available applications on the Camera Settings page and may be able to access the camera or microphone even when this setting is disabled. For more information, see

How to connect whatsapp to computer without cell phone

In this guide, we will show you how to use WhatsApp Web, an easy application to install on your computer, regardless of your operating system. Also, we will talk about a couple of options if you prefer to use the WhatsApp desktop application or if you have other messaging needs.

By far the fastest and most versatile option for WhatsApp on a computer is the web version. You don’t need to download software for a specific operating system, you can access it through most browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Firefox.

You may be prompted to allow WhatsApp to access your phone’s camera, tap Continue then Allow to grant this permission. Your mobile screen should now look like a QR code scanner.

Go back to your computer to check the WhatsApp website. You may need to Click to reload the QR code and reload a new one, as they have a set expiration time for security, and then scan it with your phone.

Microsoft store

More and more companies are using WhatsApp as a means of communication between employees. This instant messaging service not only complements, but can even replace email on many occasions, since it allows all types of work documents to be shared.

Installing this app on your PC or Mac offers numerous advantages. You can share files quickly between computers and mobile devices, receive, send and edit urgent documents quickly… And, of course, save the hassle of being aware of your cell phone.

If you are not so ‘hacker’ as to download several programs to run Android on your PC or if you are an Apple user and need to download WhatsApp on iOS, it is best to download the application on the WhatsApp website itself.

When you first open the app, the application will ask you to link it with your cell phone. All you have to do is open the app on your cell phone, click on the «Settings» tool icon and from there, go to the «WhatsApp Web/Desktop» icon.

Cómo conectar whatsapp in windows 10
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